Cigars for weddings take on a certain selection process to make the best fit for the bride and her guests. Cigar rollers that roll cigars at the events use only our own imported Dominican tobacco with Connecticut shade wrapper leaf. The popular model for receptions is the Soho cigar which is a robusto at 5 and 1/2 in long and a 50 ring gauge.


This amount of time ensures that guests will enjoy the cigars, your photographer will get the shots and everyone gets back to the celebration without overwhelming the wedding by turning the Bride's Big Day into a cigar party.


No Bride wants her big day to turn into one big cigar festival so keeping the cigars mild and short is perfect for most weddings. Of course there are other models, sizes and varying types of tobacco to change the overall strength and smoking time of each cigar however we will consult with wedding planners and brides-to-be so that the perfect match of the right cigar will be presented to your guests.



SoHo box of Dominican cigars from CF Dominicana
Dominican cigars for Chicago cigar events
Tribeca box of 7 inch cigars from CF Dominicana

The cigars are quite mild which is perfect for weddings as there will be many of those who have never experienced a premium cigar before. Milder cigars tend to be the best fit for weddings while keeping the length of the cigar short (Robustos) will translate into about a 30-minute smoking time.

Cigar Roller For Weddings


Cigars for Weddings



NEW! In 2021 Other Cigar brands available for Weddings


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Much like champagne is served for celebratory affairs, cigars are also viewed as a feature for big "life events" and a cigar roller brings this to your wedding. Each of our 16 cigar rollers use CF Dominicana premium cigars imported from teh Dominican Republic. CF Dominicana the only cigar brand to offer this unique service throughout the country and has been doing so for over 15 years


The cigars are often complemented with custom cigar labels for weddings which includes the Bride and Groom's first names and the shared married last name. All of the personalized cigar bands are designed and printed by our graphics designers (we do not use third party printers) while our designers go far into detail such as matching the color of the cigar bands to the bridesmaids dress color or accent color of the reception. Brides-to-be love this kind of detail as they are agonizing over every small decision to make the entire event the best-looking and aesthetically pleasing visual gift that they will give to their guests and the cigar should be integrated into this vision.



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